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Advanced Yoni Steam Course

Advanced Yoni Steam Course

Learn all about Yoni (vaginal) Steaming


Learn about Yoni Steam Theory and Best Practices, Introduction to Medicinal Herbs, Business and Marketing Concepts in this comprehensive easy to follow training manual with Video and much more!



What is a Yoni Steam and how does it work
How to honor your Sacred Yoni
The Benefits of Yoni Steaming & How often should you Steam
Step by step how to perform a successful and effective Yoni Steam
You will learn about all the different Herbs for Yoni Steaming
You will learn all about the Essential Oils for Yoni/ Vaginal Steaming
You will learn about Equipment for Yoni Steaming
Yoni Steam Safety
You will learn about Yoni Steam Recipes
You will learn about how to create a Yoni Steam Ritual/Ceremony
You will receive a Client Waiver & Intake form Templates as well as a Herbal Blend Guide for quick herbal blend recipes


With or Without Supplies


Included Supplies:

Yoni Chair 17” W X 16” L

Pack of Yoni Blended Herbs


Stainless Steel Yoni Bowl

Wooden Cup Spoon


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