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Wood Scuplt Training

Wood Scuplt Training


Mederoterapia known as wood therapy is based on an ancient technique that use massage and wooden tools to improve the body's size, speed metabolism, break down cellulite, tone and tightens muscles while eliminating toxins. 



* Indications and contraindications.

* Theory about the use of each element of wood

*Oils and work products

*Movements of each wood.

*Step by step work on Full Body


*Business marketing Discussion

*Business launching Discussion

* Business insurance information * Consent forms


•Manual &  Video Tutorials Included 




At Body By Bae we have developed a curriculum geared for people that want to start in the Body Contouring industry as well as people that are looking to refresh their skills. There are no requirements for taking this training as our classes are in person or Online. Classes that allows us to focus on your learning and skill acquisition. Whether you are new to the industry or you’re looking to add a new service don’t hesitate to contact us!



This is a non refundable Video E Course. Once you receive access to the Course there will be no refunds to the course.

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